After performing @ the premiere party of the musical Cats  earlier in the evening and several glasses of champagne later we couldn't stop writing :-)

Since we were in Rotterdam and never visited the Now & Wow club we decided to hack into there. 

It felt like ground hog day since Rob & Martijn did this @ Sinners Amsterdam after performing at the Cirque du Soleil premiere a few years ago. Only we looked like devils and in company of a dwarf and very tall beautiful blond lady, who allegedly was his girlfriend. That was only too easy. 

At Now & Wow there was also a long cue and no persuasion necessary to pass the bouncers, explain the guest list lady, the manager and PA to the owner and Rotterdam god father of clubbing, Ted Langenbach, that we were really booked (not) to PJ that night. After checking with Ted she gave us free entrée, dressing room & free drinks. After all a club that is renowned for theatrical entertainment doesn't even offer personal and private interaction….so yeah even though they had no clue who the hell we were they liked the PJ idea. 

It was the so-called Lolita Klup theme and just like we did @ several events last December in Berlin we took only our pencils and let the ink flow on skin. 

PJ Amin came along (did you finish your poem from Catherine Keyl to Joop van den Ende and vice versa?). 
The crowd was good, personnel friendly & drinks free, the pictures show the rest. 

Suggestions for another club we hack into are welcome. 

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