PJs, Amin and Martijn created an Interactive Storytelling workshop for Internations, a network community of expats and global minds.

The location was well chosen at Indian Restaurant Mayur, combining great food, writing (on the terrace in the sun :-) and presenting.

The result was grand with people from accross the globe sharing their Life Changing Stories.  Inspiring them to ask us to come back for more Interaction and connecting.

Some of the feedforward from participants:

"Besides being fun event, it was foremost very educational and, last but not least, brought us closer together as a group.  I highly recommend the Poetry Jockeys; it will add originality and new insights to any social event, may it be for an initial “meet and greet” or a more advanced workshop."

"I enjoyed this unique event. I wouldn't mind a repeat session ;)"

Poetry Jockeys, Words Reveal Worlds



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