No no we won't mention the big "C" word although even during New York Fashion week the Credit Crunch has hit hard with Goodie bags shrunk down to the size of a Tellytubby backpack. 

The PJs however stick to the big "P" word of the Positive Poetry Jockeys. 

Therefore they started a new project with talented fashion designer Thoetsie who designed for several Amsterdam Streetlab Projects. 

PJs will release a promising project where Fashion meets Poetry 
where fabric reveal words 

The premiere of their collaboration will be at the closing event of Amsterdam Wereld Boekenstad. 
To be taken place at the 'Tolhuistuin', the former Shell terrain overlooking Amsterdam CS and ‘het IJ’. 

"Working with fashion designer Thoetsie is inspiring. When we were asked by the organisation to come up with a concept it caused a problem. After just 1 brainstorm session we had so many ideas that we didn't know what to choose." According to the Poetry Jockeys. 

For the PJ's it isn't the first collaboration with Fashion. 2 years ago they worked with the Internationally renowned Bread & Butter Barcelona Fashion Fair. 
Where they started with an unexpected yet, much appreciated crash party performance that resulted into an assignment to write several lyrics for one of their CD's. Allegedly Bread & Butter wanted the PJ's to dress one of their main halls with their poetry, the PJ’s however were so booked up at the time they just couldn’t get hold of them. 

Back to Amsterdam on the closing date Sunday 20 April from to afternoon until the closing show there will be performances and interaction. 

Of course they will stay in touch with reality, so for those of you who do feel the urge to spit it all out…they have a pleasant surprise lined up. 

The exact programming is to follow later, they just couldn't resist sharing this information with you.
Poetry JockeysWords Reveal Worlds

http://www.streetlab.nl/ http://www.thoetsiestyle.nl/ 



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