Today the PJs will witness the opening of the Theater der Zintuigen. A luxury estate in Belgium will be filled with everything to surprise all of your senses. From perfumed art to edible poetry. 

A total multi sensory experience! 

One could think what the PJ's got to do with all of this? Well 9 years ago when the Poetry Jockeys or PJ's made their première performance they sensed they were doing something very special. Although performing was second nature to them they realised PJ's do much more than writing from the heart. 

It's about leaving a gift, a positive memory through interaction, inhaling moods, smell, sound of an event. 
The media wrote we were a new form of clubbing, a new wave in poetry land. We were invited to give workshops for directors, street kids and schools. We wrote song text for the uberhip Bread & Butter street fashion fairMarlies Dekkers invited us on their brainstorm day to write a wrap up poem. 

What's next on our plate? Most of what we have done just happened. We have added some very good new PJ's to the club but we also have an offer a platform for a new and younger generation of PJ's who can communicate in a their own language. 

PJ's are multi sensory to be part of the opening night on the Theater der Zintuigen feels a little like coming home. 

Poetry Jockeys 
Words Reveal Worlds 


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