Phoetry Project, samensmelten van disciplines alsof het nooit anders is geweest.

In opdracht van Click F1 en Carthesius Lyceum hebben de PJs samen met fotograaf Isabel Nabuurs een korte workshop Phoetry bedacht en gegeven. 

Hiermee ging een langgekoesterde wens van de PJs in vervulling om 2 disciplines; beeld (Photography) en taal (Poetry) samen te smelten.

Iedere discipline mocht op 2 momenten met een groep jongeren aan de slag. Wij hebben in totaal met 2 groepen gewerkt waarvan de ene groep beeld en de andere taal als vertrekpunt nam.

Studenten van de opleiding docent Beeldende Vorming van de AHK liepen stage bij onze lessen.
Tijdens een van de lessen van de Poetry Jockeys hebben zij gebruik gemaakt van de Creative Kit van PJ Martijn om de les te illustreren. 

De Phoetry werken van de leerlingen en illustraties van de stagiares kan je hieronder terugzien.

PJ Performance, de kracht van de ontmoeting
Wij hebben in de afgelopen maanden op diverse locaties in het land, gewapend met pen en papier, mensen dichter bij elkaar mogen brengen. 

Op netwerk borrels en recepties, openingen of momenten waarin aandacht gevraagd wordt voor belangrijke zaken.

Dit deden wij voor o.a.; Van Oers Accountancy, Epcor, Opening Brandweer Seizoen Amsterdam en Stichting Stop Kindermisbruik (met PJ Rowie van 9 jaar!).

Bij Epcor hebben wij ook nog enkele gedichten live geschreven en voorgedragen voor de vertrekkend directeur.

Woorden Onthullen Werelden

Van klein tot groot we nemen erg veel informatie tot ons.
Sneller dan ooit tevoren en via meer kanalen dan ooit te voren.

Het blijft bijzonder om te zien wat er gebeurt als je in de constante spits van de informatie snelweg eens de afslag richting weiland neemt, even stilstaat om te ontdekken wat je wilt benoemen en vervolgens te delen.

Laat het gaan over iets waar jij van droomt, in geloofd, waar je voor staat. energie van krijgt, boos of vrolijk van wordt.

Je zal ontdekken dat er anderen zijn die uit  jouw verhaal (h)erkenning, inspiratie krijgen of  vragen hebben of geloof vinden. Ongeacht leeftijd of afkomst van de deelnemers zien wij deze wonderlijke magie telkens weer terug in onze workshops.
Enne ff zonder beeldscherm....gewoon met pen en papier....

Zoals de video van Amnesty hieronder al zegt en haar aandacht vraagt  'Words can do anything'!

PJs zijn gevraagd een theater voorstelling te maken voor scholen in Amsterdam.

Naast performance en workshop zijn de PJs vanaf volgend seizoen ook live te beleven op het podium.

Zeer vereerd en met gepaste trots zullen wij ons credo van "Woorden Onthullen Werelden" verder verspreiden. Keep you posted!

During the past weeks the PJs gave several workshops at elementary schools in Amsterdam West. At one of these schools the classroom felt like a jungle. Teacher, Teun,  was a late 50's male (one of the very few left in Amsterdam). who had his class filled with stuffed animals, from a fox to birds. There were life fish, animal skulls bones and many plants.
On the blackbord (non-digital) we noticed an eagle, beautifully drawn in chalk. With all the digitization in classrooms nowadays it felt like being thrown back to our own childhood.

After this very refreshingly green entrance we started asking the 8yr old kids what would make them happy, what they would wish for and why. 
The first one to answer was a boy "I want a BB!" a what? we asked.  "'A Blackberry"" about 10 other boys shouted. A blond spiky hair kids, the only Caucasian,  got one out of his pocket to show us. Having the BB made him clearly the cool one.

Somewhat amazed we asked him why and what he needed it for. Maybe for an emergency to call his parents? we thought. "to ping with my chics" he replied. Girls giggling and the others boys acknowledged his answer. 
Trying to seek beyond materialistic needs PJs continued asking about happiness and invited the kids to write and illustrate on their happiness.

When time came to present in front of the class, the spiky haired boy was most eager to go first. Still a little weary of the result we invited him to come forward to tell his story on happiness.
He started off telling about his present boyish needs but then took a very surprising, yet smooth, turn when he wished for a normal and quiet life, with a wife, a house and good job. 
Not only did he present this in such a natural way, he once again impressed the other class mates and surprised us all.  
A true Storyteller we will remember.

Much gratitude goes out to Podium Mozaïek and the schools who have the PJs to return with workshops for some years now. We feel fortunate being able to get so much inspiration working with kids as well.

Poetry Jockeys, Worlds Reveal Worlds

PJs Amin & Martijn created a workshop "Dream Future" for 10 and 11 year old kids, who attend the Weekend Academie.

They coached the kids on writing and presentation skills to share their Dream Future to VIPs such as Royal Dutch Princess Maxima.

With high press coverance some kids made it on National TV to spread their dream even further!

As we like to collaborate with other disciplines we co-created an exibition together with Dutch artist Martin van den Oever who worked simultaneously with the children on creating their own mirror portraits.

PJs have a long standing relationship with the Weekend Academie.
Over the years we have supported this great initiative with workshops and guest speakers.

A Poem for someone else written by a student
Today was the final presentation day of Project Catch.

For 31 weeks we worked together with 24 teenagers (15-17 years). Our sole goal was to get them more empowered, on the road to resilience, in touch with their needs. 

For this we adapted our program frequently. The basis remains expressive writing about experiences, thoughts and believes. Sharing these in stories, lyrics, poems, mood-boards combined with visual techniques is all possible. 

Somehow feeling sad to say goodbye after such an intense year in which they put so much trust into collaborating with the PJs. 

"It was great to see these teenagers express themselves in such divers ways.  To see them (re)discover other ways to get energy from, gives us energy to!"

PJs allowed for plenty of room for experimental education with ad-hoc decisions based on their needs. From how to search for information and validate this using both your smartphone and/or computer to social skills like coaching on job interviews. One special happening was the students  initiative to create a song for a 12 year old girl who was brutally killed.

"As a red tape we try to show them there is not one true path but many different ones one can choose from.
That is why our first lesson starts with writing about an experience that had a big impact on their lives. Sharing this with their peers connects and builds trust. It clears away obstacles enabling them to step onto a side path where they share their feelings to someone that means a lot to them. We purposely spend quite some time on the creation of that present; they write their own text, choose the typography, coloring, layout and photo or own drawing. This results in a beautiful gift made with much effort and love for which they receive much appreciation, again connecting them closer in building a bond that will strengthen them to step further on their path of life."

As a farewell present PJs created a video compilation of their work. To view this video see the link at the bottom (text and audio in Dutch only).

Feedback PJs received from the school:
" I was always surprised about the raw honesty of my students.
Within  1 ½  hours they wrote about a past emotion / experience / event that made much impact on them, followed by presenting this in front of their peers.

As a teacher I got a first impression about their skills, but I also got a glimpse into their soul. PJs work on the personal and creative skills of the students. They are allowed to be themselves and develop what they need.

This resulted in a personal poem (which gave a feel good / positive feeling to the student). Writing has a healing, binding and an enlightening influence."

Sheratee Marlin - Mentor and care coordinator ROCvA Gaasterland

Project Catch is made possible by:
The students & teachers of RocVaClick F1 and DMO (Dienst Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling Amsterdam) -  City of Amsterdam, Social Development Service

About Catch: Is a project for youth in Amsterdam from 12 to 23 years. Using drama, music , dance, media or writing, they can strengthen their social skills, talent and work to develop their confidence.

Afgelopen weken hebben de PJ's op diverse Islamitische basisscholen in Amsterdam West workshops mogen geven aan kinderen van groep 4 & 5. 

De kids hadden hun brood nog nauwelijks achter de kiezen of ze moesten pen ter hand nemen om te schrijven over hun allerliefste wens. 

Nadat de texten waren voorzien van hun eigen tekening werden ze onderworpen aan de 'voordracht' voor de klas. 

Vooral een van de jonge meisjes deed de ogen van haar klasgenoten openen nadat zij de ultieme wens uitte om 'altijd te mogen wensen' 

Met dank aan: 
PJs Amin en Martijn Podium Mozaiek, Theatervoorstelling De Reis van Rebel, Al Wafa, El Amien 1&2