Yesterday the PJ's were invited to perform one of their most kept secret skills 

"writing one poem that sums it all" 

A little review of what we did:
Top International fashion designer, Business Woman of the Year 2007, best selling novelist of "Stout", Marlies Dekkers, who lets herself be inspired by Poetry, invited us to bring something to think about on their Strategic Day. 

In a beautiful Mansion somewhere in Holland we got the insides of Marlies' company 4 year strategic view.
Board, directors, management team & creatives from around the world were participating in several brainstorm sessions. 

PJs, Martijn & Rob, floated across the brain waves inhaling the vibes, concerns and questions that arose. 

And let me tell you Marlies knows how to create an event. 
At the end of the day after, just before the sparkling toast, the PJs got on stage to share their poems (in English of course). 

We understand your curiosity, but as you understand the day was confidential and like with all our poems; personal,handwritten written, glanced with a finishing touch. 

Needless to say they are now kept in her personal safe....